Daniel is with his huge productions and love for heavy drops, the foundation of Agravic's sound. His interest in melodies and rhythms began in early age and it later evolved into an unbridled passion for music production. With his hard work and a bulletproof determination he's now built a big experience, remixing and released tracks for EMI, Warner, PR Records, Cosmos, Southside Recordings and Uniform Beats.

Jim is with his talent for writing great melodies and creating characteristic sounds the key behind Agravics tracks. Growing up in a musical family and with a huge interest for electronic dance music, he began producing in his early twenties. With an innovative and creative mind he is always coming up with new ideas to evolve and push the emotions in Agravic's music forward.

Latest Releases

COMPR091 : Dreamell Feat Emly - Stanna

Dreamell Feat Emly


EMLY CLAUSEN Hon är utbildad dansare, sångerska och musikalartist. Hon har skådespelartalanger och erfarenhet från dubbning och gör svenska röster åt Disneykaraktärer som såsom Hannah Monta...