PR Rhythm
PR Rhythm
This label are for all the talented makers of R&B and Hip Hop around the world.
Many of these artist have been featured artists in EDM genres and now they do what they like the most, R&B and Hip hop, and everything with a Rhytm vibe!
Enjoy these talented vocalists , rappers & multiartists.

Latest Releases

PRREC284A : The Lab Wizard - Frozen

The Lab Wizard


Frozen has a different story! The song was first a housetrack, then a ballad, and 3rd a full orchestra song! Chck out all 3 versions!

PRREC283A : Ronnie - Funk It


Funk It

Ronnie are back with a slammin Funk/soul tune called Funk it, this is true funk!!!

PRREC281A : Patrik Remann Feat Aubrey Whitfield - Paradise

Patrik Remann Feat Aubrey Whitfield


This tune are a combination of great vocals and great Rhythm. Patrik Remann and Aubrey Whitfield are a great combination.