PR Records
PR Records
PR Records
Are a records label for Clubmusic, mainly all types of house

PR Records is a part of the successful PR Records Label Group.

PR Records delivers high quality house music.
We search around the globe for the best Club and house music and are striving to find new sounds and to push the boundaries.

Due to the large volume of demos we receive we cant reply to each one personally unfortunatelly. But you must know we listen to all demo’s and will most definitely be in touch if we feel it suits.

Latest Releases

PRREC284A : The Lab Wizard - Frozen

The Lab Wizard


Frozen has a different story! The song was first a housetrack, then a ballad, and 3rd a full orchestra song! Chck out all 3 versions!

PRREC283A : Ronnie - Funk It


Funk It

Ronnie are back with a slammin Funk/soul tune called Funk it, this is true funk!!!

PRREC281A : Patrik Remann Feat Aubrey Whitfield - Paradise

Patrik Remann Feat Aubrey Whitfield


This tune are a combination of great vocals and great Rhythm. Patrik Remann and Aubrey Whitfield are a great combination.