Avini still on TOP40
Avini still on TOP40
Avini - Spire are still on TOP 40 in the Swedish dancechart! number 34 this week

Avini are a new projects from North of sweden with melodic vibes and catching sounds!
Avini launches Spire for the summer parties, dance , party, vibes!

Latest Releases

PRU139 : Hazey - EP 1


EP 1

Hazey's first EP out on PR Records

PRREC395A : Richard Blacklund - Stronger

Richard Blacklund


By taking the vocals of various artists, Richard Blacklund his compositions and his remixes while mixing various musical styles. French DJ/Producer Herve Richard aka Richard Blacklund present has fant...

PRREC393A : The Lab Wizard - Promises

The Lab Wizard


The lab wizard new release Promises are a vocal house tune with Ronnies powerful vocals over Patrik's funky house production.