PRU125 : Cassulle - Allen Kuzmanyov
PRU125 : Cassulle - Allen Kuzmanyov
RELEASE DATE : 23/03/2018
Cassulle was born in the middle of a hopeless place, where pain and sorrow befriends with death. Some called it hell, some called it heaven, but for Cassulle it was home. We once were Kings and Queens, we once mastered science and the knowledge of everything. Some calls us the Devil, for us, we believe we are gods. We are one, and only one. In the depths of the oblivion, music brings life back to us again, we are the Mother and Father of the Human thinking and behavior. We are the raw meat of God. And Cassulle is just one of the few that comes with the message.
Cassulle - Allen Kuzmanyov (Original Mix)

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