PRU142 : Bion - Laidback
RELEASE DATE : 16/01/2020
Bion, aka Irfain Fakie is a house/electro house producer residing in Cape
Town, South Africa. Much can be said for his appreciation of the craft -
with cutting-edge influences such as C&C Music Factory, Snap, and Depeche
Mode to name a few.
Signature, uplifting melodies and housy beats coalesce into a harmonic
cacophony of rhythm and sound - Bion' takes the sensibilities of old
school house and electro and makes it his own. Irfain's music is
undeniably 'underground' in character - but while it refuses to conform,
there is a certain accessibility and charm to his music that can attract
both fanatics of the genre, as well as mainstream listeners.
His sound encapsulates a vision that is both bold and adventurous
No stranger to music, Bion has been making music from way back.
For Irfain, electronic music is about the journey that envelops the
listener, and that's exactly the intention with his own productions.
Bion - Laidback (Original Mix)

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