Camden Place
Camden Place
Camden Place is among the most exciting dance music projects in the industry today.
The project combines the rich and varied lyrical and compositional talents of prolific Irish songwriter, Seán Silke, and the production, arranging and musical skills of Beardfire Studio, to deliver a unique and potent dance sound, full of energy, melody and mood.
The Camden Place sound brings together the unique proficiencies of its creators.
Rohan Healy's recent production work has landed a number of artists with major label deals with the likes of Atlantic Records.
David Virgin of the Beardfire production team worked in the past with dance and industrial pioneers SPK, their work inspiring The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers and Nine Inch Nails.
Al Quiff is one of Ireland's foremost sound engineers and bass and drum session players.
Finally, the eloquence of Seán Silke's lyrics and the rich appeal of his melodies add up to a fuller dance music experience, satisfying heart, mind and body.
Releases so far include 'Polishing Chrome' and 'Too much space' (both issued on PR Records)

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