Waqas Faheem, known professionally as 'ArtStyle' is a Pakistani Musician, DJ, and a record producer .He has released over 30 tracks in 2019. Alot of his tracks have reached a high listener count on spotify and itunes between 150,000 to 750,000 monthly listeners.
ArtStyle began producing electronic music professionally since 2018. He was inspired by EDM artists like Skrillex, Virtual Riot, Illenium.
ArtStyle is a multi-genre talented music producer and can produce almost every genre. Besides being a producer, ArtStyle is also a songwriter and writes all the lyrics for his own songs. His tracks have been signed by over 20 record label music companies and there's news that he will be going on a tour at the end of this year if the corona situation gets better.

In his interview he mentioned that he tries to tell a story in each one of his tracks without actually having to use words. His tracks are full of emotional chords and melodies that make the listener feel nostalgic. Besides the work stuff, he's a wonderful, nice, professional and a tall guy and has gotten some emails to be a brand ambassador/model for clothing companies which,he hasn't decided about yet. He ended his interview with '' Turn the bad (666) into good (999) '' since he's a massive Juice WRLD fan.

Latest Releases

PRREC436A : Patrik Remann & Alfreda Gerald - Dream come through

Patrik Remann & Alfreda Gerald

Dream come through

Patrik Remann teamed up with songwriter Jas Douglas and Vocalist Alfreda Gerald for this song. When finished, the song is magic, powerful vocals, great lyrics and POWERHOUSE!

PRU012B : Johan Berg - Africanism

Johan Berg


Johan Berg - Africanism is the latest release on PR Underground.

COMPR125 : Dalma Sofiyah - Shy Guy

Dalma Sofiyah

Shy Guy

Dalma Sofiyah is a beacon of cultural diversity, shining with a love for music and people. Raised by Spain and America, this Hungarian singer's voice delivers an authentic and personal message to her ...