Success for Hector Lopez!
Success for Hector Lopez!
Hector lopez - Love Soundstreamers remix are a great success at Europride!

uroPride is Europe´s biggest Gay Pride Festival. This year it’s hosted by Oslo, Norway June 20th-29th. Stars such as Lady Gaga has performed at EuroPride and this year debut artist Hector Lopez enters the EuroPride stage with his dancers, and is more than likely to get his big breakthrough.

Charismatic Hector has been a professional dancer and choreographer in Los Angeles, Stockholm and Gothenburg.

“The EuroPride song is titled ´Love´ and is about how it feels to love someone. I want to show that people’s feelings are the true and equal, regardless what sexual orientation they have”, says Lopez.

Linda Sonnvik and Chris Oscarsson wrote “Love”, a song surprisingly well fit for the occasion, since the slogan for EuroPride 2014 came to be #LoveMoves. Lopez hooked up with the writers aiming at a summer single – landing the EuroPride anthem!

Hector believes many will dance to the banger and sing a long to the catchy “All I Want Is Lo-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-ove!”

The EuroPride artist Lopez also believes we constantly need to be reminded that human rights should not be taken for granted.

“It’s not just in Russia there is a homophobic backlash. At home, in Sweden, the far-right wing Populist Party, Swedish Democrats, has been elected to the Swedish Parliament, and there still are people who think I should not be able to start a family because I’m gay. Does it end there or will it get worse,” asks Lopez.

Free show in Pride Park
During the ten-day long festival EuroPride, the organizer Oslo Pride shall through art, culture, politics and party, set human rights and lhbtiq issues on the agenda.

On Wednesday 25th of June 2014 Oslo Pride opens Pride Park, situated at The City Hall Square, in the center of Oslo. With the help of hundreds of volunteers, the The City Hall Square will be transformed into a great lhbtiq village, with a lively atmosphere.

“It is important for me to contribute, because EuroPride in Oslo is all about the struggle for our common human rights. No one should be able to prohibit others’ love,” says Lopez, who will perform on several occasions in Pride Park.

Hector Lopez “LOVE“, the official EuroPride Anthem 2014!
Later today it also will be available on Spotify.
Performed by Hector Lopez
Written by Swedish Soundstreamers; Linda Sonnvik and Chris Oscarsson (Radio edit, Extended version (check it out, more EDM!) and a heavy EDM-remix
Remix by Mike Moorish
Label: PR Commercial

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