Video is up!
Video is up!
Here are the video for the Funk soaked dancetune from Funkstar De Luxe and Dreamell!

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PRU180 : Kas Yonen - Rotor

Kas Yonen


Kas Yonen from Kyiv Ukraine likes more melodic sound with interesting chord progression's and emotional melodies.

PRREC363A : TNZKRNZ - Sparks



TNZKRNZ is a producer duo from Berlin / Düsseldorf, Germany. The formation was founded in 2020 by Julian „Julez' Briselat and Tobias „Tobi' Hogen. Originally these two became friends while perf...

PRW084 : Dennis Line - Its God To Be Kind

Dennis Line

Its God To Be Kind

Dennis Line was born to become a musical artist. He earned his degree at Florida State University in the area of Music Education, Instrumental K-12. He went on to teach high school band for the next...