PRU147 : Åírös - EP
RELEASE DATE : 11/03/2020
Åírös, a young man from Dallas, grown in the underground rave warehouses and clubs began producing and spinning since the age of 16. He's held multiple residencies in Austin and continues to host pool parties in Texas and Los Angeles. His shows are filled with stunts, crowd interaction, politics, drama, and comedy. Transforming and fusing styles from metal, classical, jazz, pop, house and every genre you can and cannot imagine thus sutures a distinct signature footprint in the dance community. His tracks are highly energetic and continue seeking the frontiers of dance music while his recent Producer Mastery course is lucid, insightful and provocative.
Åírös - Midnight Rave (Original Mix)
Åírös - Shaman in the sands (Original Mix)

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