PRREC415A : Moroni feat Timmy Beep - Get Out of My Head
RELEASE DATE : 03/04/2020
Timmy Beep is the artist name of Tim Barnsley-Parfitt, a songwriter, singer and musician from Birmingham, UK. His first single, in July 2018 was 'Love Lucks Out' and it was followed by 'Lotus' and 'Love Birds' in 2019. 2020 will be his busiest year yet with a host of tracks as both artist and songwriter ready for release in the next few months. He is working with producers, songwriters and singers from all around the world, working in multiple Dance, Pop and R&B related genres.

Tim and Moroni met online when Moroni was looking for a topline for a progressive house track he had written. Tim came up with 'Get Out Of My Head' and Moroni loved the song AND the vocals which were originally only intended for the demo. The song is inspired by 'dreams and memories of an ex when all you want to do is move on with your life'.
Moroni feat Timmy Beep - Get Out of My Head (Original Mix)
Moroni feat Timmy Beep - Get Out of My Head (Extended Version)

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