COMPR101 : Belle - Sound of summer
COMPR101 : Belle - Sound of summer
RELEASE DATE : 14/04/2021
The 'Sound of Summer' is back in a jampacked remix release, celebrating 10 years and finally hitting all platforms. About time. Turn the volume up.

Swedish short, sassy tongue-in-cheek Belle had her breakthrough with 'Rider Omkring' (cover of Freestyle) making a splash in every Swedish teen mag out there and touring the country. She then went on to record in English. Peter 'BeeZed' Bengtsson (Anniela, Caracola) and Linda Sonnvik (Lena Philipsson, Dilba) wrote 'Sound of Summer', an ode to Swedish summertime and it was produced by Jörgen Larsson.

Since the song was released half way through summer it was never signed outside of BeNeLux - but PR Records Label Group has snatched it up, releasing the europop number to old and new fans.
Belle - Sound of summer (Original Mix)
Belle - Sound of summer (Extended Version)
Belle - Sound of summer (PMG's Life's A Beach Party Mix)
Belle - Sound of summer (Dandeej Remix)
Belle - Sound of summer (BeeZed Remix)
Belle - Sound of summer (Christian Rush Remix)
Belle - Sound of summer (Armand Remix)

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