PRREC432A : Dan Komero - Collide
PRREC432A : Dan Komero - Collide
RELEASE DATE : 03/05/2021
Daniel Komerchero, a.k.a Dan Komero, is a 19 year old aspiring music producer from the small town of Shimshit, Israel. His main genres are Progressive House/Big Room. Growing up he used to listen mainly to Rock and Blues, but in 2013 he discovered a new genre that would change his life forever - EDM. When he first stepped into the world of Electronic Music at the age of 13, he knew he only had one thing to do: Combine his passion for both hard electronic sounds and emotional heart-warming melodies. In his new track, those two worlds collided.
Dan Komero - Collide (Original Mix)
Dan Komero - Collide (Extended Version)

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