COMPR115A : SJ Hill - Could It Be You
COMPR115A : SJ Hill - Could It Be You
RELEASE DATE : 27/05/2021
Hailing from the welsh capital of Cardiff, SJ was nurtured in to Music from a young age by his parents. Growing up he took a lot of inspiration from the old greats like Stevie Wonder and the Modern day artists such as Chris Brown and John Mayer. 'Growing up I was in to all kinds of music, I particularly loved RnB/Soul my parents would always listen to that type of music'. SJ's sound is a combination of RnB/Soul&Pop but the 26 year old is open to exploring all kinds of genres Such as his love for Jazz/Blues and this fresh new talent is looking forward to releasing New Music.
SJ Hill - Could It Be You (Original Mix)

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