PRREC437A : Dreamell - Much More
PRREC437A : Dreamell - Much More
RELEASE DATE : 23/07/2021
Like many music enthusiasts her love of music was passed down from her parents. The
household often played music from Millie Jackson, Joe Simon and the likes. She got into
soul and african beats during her early life and her productions are a reflection there of.
Mixed with the latest EDM sounds her music has taken a pumping soulful direction and will
bring a good feeling to the dancefloor.
Dreamell got into music in 1994 when she began working on the radio station NRJ Sweden.
She there traded her vocal skills, recording radiospots, for the ability to stay late and learn
how to DJ in their studio. She then went to the clubs and asked the resident DJś to let her do
a livemix. And there is where it all started
Dreamell - Much More (Original Mix)

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