COMPR125 : Dalma Sofiyah - Shy Guy
COMPR125 : Dalma Sofiyah - Shy Guy
RELEASE DATE : 03/06/2022
Dalma Sofiyah is a beacon of cultural diversity, shining with a love for music and people. Raised by Spain and America, this Hungarian singer's voice delivers an authentic and personal message to her diverse group of fans around the world. Writing, producing, recording, and singing all of her songs, Dalma is dedicated to a truly intimate, top-quality musical expression. She mastered her style - a wild mix of Dance Pop, Latin Pop, and Soft Pop. Her music has blessed people on every continent with warmth and the comfort of feeling understood. As an advocate for mental health, Dalma passionately sings of her healing journey, fully devoted to inspiring her fans to walk the hard road of self-love and self-discovery alongside her. Dalma's last two singles, 'On the Road to Recovery' and 'Shy Guy' both speak of personal growth, and her upcoming debut album will be a safe space for everyone with a broken heart.
Dalma Sofiyah - Shy Guy (Original Mix)

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