Game Over #1 on Swedish iTunes Chart!

Em Appelgren s new tune Game over released today just went to #1 on Swedish Itunes chart!!

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'U Got Me' out now!
'U got me' are out now! VIdeo: Spotify:

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Check out the remixes!
Check out the remixes for this song, made for the clubs!!

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Baccio - Eternity enters the Swedish dancechart!
Baccio - Eternity enters the Swedish dancechart at #37

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Latest Releases

PRU122 : Cassulle - Yami



Cassulle was born in the middle of a hopeless place, where pain and sorrow befriends with death. Some called it hell, some called it heaven, but for Cassulle it was home. We once were Kings and Queens...

COMPR061 : Patrik Remann feat Malin - Movin On

Patrik Remann feat Malin

Movin On

Patrik Remann has teamed up with the Jazz vocalist Malin Sjöberg on this summer tune!

NEWTAL162 : JeeWeiss - Devotion



JeeWeiss is an electronic music producer who has been passionate about this style since the late 1990s in the French Touch movement. DJ, he has been working on production since 2012. After starting wi...