Tripple Trouble reaches over 100K on Spotify

Listen to KPN - TRIPPLE TROUBLE now on Spotify and all digital platforms.

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Brazil Apple Music Dance Charts Top #36 - Maxx
Apple Music Dance Charts Dance Albums: Brazil Top #36

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Malta Apple music Top #45 - Justin-Sane
Justin-sane, a highly talented and innovative artist, has been making waves in the music industry with his catchy and dynamic sound.

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Finland Itunes Top #15 - Duo Gamerz
Duo Gamerz is a music duo that focuses on bass heavy music that is good for both parties and when on the road taking a trip.

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PRREC550A : KPN - Never



Introducing KPN, the highly talented and diverse music producer hailing from Sweden. Known for their captivating and unforgettable melodies, KPN has made a significant impact on the Swedish and intern...

PRREC549A : KPN & Max C - Everybody's Gonna Know

KPN & Max C

Everybody's Gonna Know

Meet KPN, the Swedish music producer who has revolutionized the industry with their groundbreaking approach to creating mesmerizing and unforgettable melodies. KPN's impact on the Swedish and internat...

PRREC537A : KPN & Danielle Hollobaugh - No end

KPN & Danielle Hollobaugh

No end

KPN, an exceptionally versatile music producer from Sweden, has made a name for himself with his ability to create infectious and compelling melodies that instantly captivate listeners. His distinctiv...