Anders Nyman (Guru Josh Project)
Anders Nyman (Guru Josh Project)
Anders Nyman is one of the members of the Guru Josh Project, and also a Producer, Remixer & Dj. Anders lives in Stockholm, sweden but was born and raised in Malmoe. His ambition has always been to pursuit the success he is currently experiencing in the music business.

Latest Releases

PRREC388A : Dwayne w. Tyree - Selfish one EP

Dwayne w. Tyree

Selfish one EP

Disco house in its prime! this is funky disco!

COMPR086 : Skylar Autumn - Compass

Skylar Autumn


A Colorado native and a songbird on the loose. California birthed my music & Austin is my current stop. I was raised on Rock & Roll, Blues, folk/old-time country and inspired by the ones who paved the...

PRU138 : Blakey - Unnatural Causes


Unnatural Causes

Mark Carrington, born 19th July 1975 in London,UK, Started DJ'ing in the mid 90's to the mid 2000's, now a music producer, producing house music. To date iv'e had many releases and a few have been fe...