Dance Session Records
Dance Session Records
Dance Session is one of the biggest dance event focusing on electronic music. By carefully blending artists and DJs to suit many different tastes and also top it with sound and light in the world, we deliver something that is unique to Sweden. Dance Session has been held twice with artists such as Pandora, Guru Josh Project, Basic Element, Pulse Driver, official and a total of over 30 DJs.

Dance Session was started by Joakim "Bayamo" Fransson using DM Sound and a few colleagues 2010th The idea was to organize a release party for Newman Project, and 300 invited guests, the event evolved rather than to have 1200 people with artists such as Pandora and Guru Josh Project on stage, in addition, it was attended Dance Session of the 15 different DJs. Today, Dance Session of several departments such as DJ agency, record label and events. Dance Session run out Joakim Fransson, Daniel Nordin, Nermin Delilovic, Engr James and John Jett.

Latest Releases

PRREC291A : Patrik Remann Feat Max C & Alfreda - Turn It Up

Patrik Remann Feat Max C & Alfreda

Turn It Up

Patrik Remann and Max C has had numerous hits in the last 5 years, the new tune 'Turn It up' they have also invited Alfreda Gerald to be a part in the song. The 2 powerful voices of Max and Alfreda wi...

WOOD050 : Coma Baby - The Way It Is

Coma Baby

The Way It Is

New tune from Coma Baby called The way it is!