Patrik Remann Feat Max C
Patrik Remann Feat Max C
For more than 25 years now, Patrik Remann has beenDJíng as one of the key artists in the Swedish clubbing scene.

DJing in clubs and festivals for Patrik Remann is the bridge that connects his music to the people. In fact, his experiences in and out of the clubs in U.K., Spain, and his homeland Sweden, have allowed him to be one of the veteran DJs
. In Sweden alone, Remann is considered as the authority of both commercial and underground dance music.

Producing music and running his own record label, PR Records have also managed to give Patrik the momentum to expand his territory outside Europe.
As “The Lab Wizard”, Patrik produces tracks that feed the ever-demanding market of dance music enthusiasts with quality floor-fillers:
take his recent release “Reach Out” for example-- this track stayed for seven weeks on the Swedish national sales chart.
As the driving force behind PR Records, Remann himselfsees his label as one of the the fabricators of dance music in Sweden, and will definitely continue to bring to the world quality music.

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