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Sweden is one of the world's biggest exporters of music. At its peak, the country was the third-largest music exporter in the world-right after the USA and the UK. A wide range of music such as pop hits, EDM & minimal techno reach masses worldwide, all the way from the Nordic hit machine.

PR Records rides that wave for over a decade now. 'A lot of Swedes are creating worldwide dance hits now,' says founder Patrik Remann. 'With PR Records, we always want to create something better; not copying old stuff. Instead, developing artists and new styles of music. We have found and started some careers on PR Records such as John de Sohn, Vigiland, and Swedish EDM artists like Alesso Facchetti.' But the free download of PR records is actually not an electronic song, but a reggae acappella-in Swedish.

Latest Releases

COMPR116A : Belle - Sound of summer (Christian Rusch Remix)


Sound of summer (Christian Rusch Remix)

Swedish short, sassy tongue-in-cheek Belle had her breakthrough with 'Rider Omkring' (cover of Freestyle) making a splash in every Swedish teen mag out there and touring the country. She then went on ...

PRREC431A : Patrik Remann & Max´C - Your Love

Patrik Remann & Max´C

Your Love

Patrik Remann & Max'C teamed up to make a new anthem for the radio and clubs. They made a tune with sun-drenched inspiration from Miami to the Outer Banks and all the way to the french riviera. Max'C ...

PRW093 : Gala Semizarova - Autumn elegy

Gala Semizarova

Autumn elegy

Gala Semizarova, coloratura soprano, composer. She was born in the town of Kolomna, not far from Moscow. From childhood she loved music. As a teenager, she learned to play the guitar and piano and lat...