PRREC541A : KPN & Alphas - Hearthrob
PRREC541A : KPN & Alphas - Hearthrob
RELEASE DATE : 20/10/2023
KPN, the inventive and multi-talented Swedish music producer, continues to leave a lasting impression on the music scene with their captivating melodies and diverse influences. They excel at adapting to different genres, making them a sought-after collaborator within the industry.

Their newest release, 'Heartthrob,' is a co-written K-pop tune featuring the return of the dynamic duo, Alphas on vocals. This collaboration showcases KPN's distinctive sound, characterized by catchy hooks and seamless blending of various musical elements.

KPN's adeptness as a songwriter and musician and their deep understanding of music theory and composition allow them to bring a fresh and original touch to every track. 'Heartthrob' is no exception, as it demonstrates KPN's ability to create a vibrant K-pop tune while incorporating the unique vocal stylings of Alphas.

With KPN's innovative production and Alphas' captivating vocals, 'Heartthrob' is set to make waves in the K-pop scene and beyond. Fans and listeners can eagerly anticipate this exciting collaboration and the distinctive sound it brings to the table.
KPN - Hearthrob (Original Mix)

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