PRREC126A : Various Artists - Sammarco Beats Volume 1
RELEASE DATE : 09/12/2013
Chris Sammarco took the dance music scene by storm in 2011, with a bootleg of Jungle Brothers Ill House You, which caught the ear of legendary DJ StoneBridge. Stone then offered Chris a remix on Matt Aubrey and Kevin Holevars Addicted, which was released on Stoney Boy Music in October 2011. Since then, Chris has done remixes for such artists as Inaya Day, Crystal Waters, Sandy B, Cece Peniston, and Snoop Dogg. After several releases on labels like Stoney Boy Music, D-Tracks, Supermarket Records, LAD Recordings, 418 Music, S & S Records. Chris felt it was time to bring his game up and make a full album. After discussions with label head StoneBridge, Chris went through the Stoney Boy Music catalog and selected 9 tracks which are totally reworked or mashed with our tracks on the label and the result is nothing but stunning. Also included is the full DJ mix of all track on the compilation.
DJ Mark One Feat. Jeromeo Jj - Party Up (Chris Sammarco Remix)
Stonebridge & Caroline D´amore - Music Man (Chris Sammarco Tribal Re-FX)
WhiteNoize Feat. J Latif - Harder (Axel Hall / Chris Sammarco Re-FX)
Cheets Feat. Phillipa Alexander - Back & Forth (Chris Sammarco Remix)
StereoClash - Yeah Yeah Yeah (Alex Guesta vs Chris Sammarco Re-FX)
Matt Aubrey & Holevar Feat. LaRae Starr vs Frenchy Le Freak & Arteghem - Let Me Go Toxika (Alex Guesta vs Chris Sammarco Mash Up)
Chris Sammarco vs Capa Feat. Betim B - Your Body (Chris Sammarco Bootleg Mix)
J-C Feat. Miss Bunty - C´est La Vie (Original Mix / Chris Sammarco Re-FX)
Stonebridge, Matt Aubrey & Holevar Feat. H Watkins - Hold On (DJ Mog Remix)
Chris Sammarco - Sammarco Beats Volume 1 (Continuous Mix)

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