PRREC131A : Various Artists - #stonebridgesaturdays
RELEASE DATE : 11/11/2013
StoneBridge is an artist that needs little introduction. If you’ve danced in a club, the chances are you’ve danced to a StoneBridge production. His unique brand of sexy house music has ruled dance floors for 20 years, regularly crashing into the charts across the world. As a DJ his ability to move a crowd has seen him travel the globe, rocking parties everywhere!
Che Jose & Ryan Enzed Feat. Jacq - The Game (Original Re-FX)
S69 & Krista Richards - Can´t Quit (Stonebridge Remix)
Stonebridge & Caroline D´amore - Music Man (Original Mix)
Stonebridge, Matt Aubrey & Holevar Feat. H Watkins - Hold On (John Desohn Remix)
DJ Mark One Feat. Jeromeo Jj - Party Up (Stonebridge Remix)
Haugli - Gin & Tonic (Stonebridge Re-FX)
Frenchy Le Freak & Arteghem - Toxika (Original Mix)
Chris Sammarco vs Capa Feat. Betim B - Your Body (Chris Sammarco Bootleg Mix)
Inaya Day vs Matt Joko - Wanna Be (Original Mix)
J-C Feat. Miss Bunty - C´est La Vie (Original Mix)

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