PRREC195A : Interphace - Reflections (Extended Versions)
RELEASE DATE : 08/04/2016
Interphace, aka Kristofer Högardh, was born on January 11 1979 in Borås, Sweden.
He started to produce uplifting, electronic dance music in 2000 and only a few years
later he had his big international breakthrough after revitalising 'Dr Feelgood' and 'No One Else'.

He started touring as a DJ and his passionate performances really took
the crowd by storm and the club gigs became bigger and bigger.

His own compositions and extensive remix repertoire became very popular and in 2005 the first album
'Injected Movements' was released under his own label Interphace Productions.
The album included eight (!) singles and the tracks were added to dance compilations worldwide.
'Injected Movements' was also released as a special club-remix edition in Asia.

The follow up album named 'Move Your Mind' was released in 2010 and received great success in both Europe
and the rest of the world. The first single stayed for 7 weeks at the national sales chart in Sweden.
The second single 'Habibi' became a huge summerhit in the mediterranean territories and peaked top positions in the charts.

The album 'Reflections' released in 2016, identifies the wide-range Interphace sound and he
continues to explore brilliant mixing in today's modern dance music.
Interphace - High On Life (Extended Version)
Interphace - Addicted To Love (Extended Version)
Patrik Remann Feat Max C - I Can't Get Over (Interphace Extended Version)
The Lab Wizard Meets Interphace - Heartbeats (Extended Version)
Look Twice - We Will Rock You (Interphace Extended Version)
Patrik Remann Feat. Max C - Are You Ready (For The Night) (Interphace Extended Version)
The Lab Wizard Meets Interphace - Our Love (Extended Version)
Look Twice - Keep On Moving (Interphace Extended Version)
Patrik Remann Feat Max C - Light It Up (Interphace Extended Version)
The Lab Wizard Meets Interphace - Reach Out (Extended Version)
Interphace - Let's Go (Extended Version)
Marc S Feat Cory Friesenhan - The Stories That We Say (Interphace Extended Version)
Interphace - Fericire (Extended Version)

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