COMPR068 : Sandrah - Falling
RELEASE DATE : 23/11/2018
Sandrah has her musical roots in pop music but is working across several other genres including children's songs, blues, folk music, country, dancehall and gospel. She started writing her own songs as a 6-year old, but it was as a teenager facing the loss of her father that her writing became more serious. Through her life experience she has found strength and inspiration for many of her songs, but it wasn't until just recently she dared letting anyone hear them. The song writing has always been her way of keeping a diary, not intended to be read or heard by others.
Her lyrics often focus on life's harshness and pains, but also radiate curiosity and hope for the future. The songs are often built around a simple guitar or piano cord, but always end up beautifully into either a simple, catchy song or a hot club beat. With her moving voice and piercing texts she reaches a wide-ranging audience who can easily relate to her songs.
With her large collection of songs across a wide spectrum of genres, we can expect to hear a lot from Sandrah in the future.
Sandrah - Falling (Original Mix)

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